Why Driver 4X4 in Winter?

If you’re driving in snow or icy conditions, four-wheel drive can help you maintain control, and may even keep you from getting stuck. When engaged a traditional four-wheel drive system will send 25 percent of the power to each wheel. But the system may seem confusing to new drivers.

Four-Wheel Drive Can Save You Headaches in Winter Weather

The main reason our Tamaqua and Hazleton drivers opt for four-wheel drive is to deal with winter weather. Which makes sense. When used properly four-wheel drive can help free you from being stuck in snow or ice. Because power will be going to each wheel, you’re more likely to catch traction on the slick roads of Pottsville and Shenandoah.

When you need to maximize your traction, we suggest setting your four-wheel drive to its “low-range.” With this gearing, you’ll be able to pull away easier if you're stuck. Your vehicle’s “high-range’ system is more suited for cruising. It is important to note, however, that four-wheel drive may not help with braking. So while driving in winter conditions, don’t take extra risks.

If you’d like to learn about the benefits of driving a four-wheel drive vehicle in winter, visit our dealership. Our team members are experts when it comes to automotive questions and always enjoy the chance to help local drivers. If you don’t already own a four-wheel drive vehicle, you may be interested in our selection of all-wheel drive options as well.

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