Finish Every Job with a SaltDogg Spreader

Being ready for the inevitable winter onslaught in Pennsylvania can feel like an impossible mountain to climb. If you’re tired of having your daily routine dictated by things you can’t control, take your day back with one of the many SaltDogg Spreader models available now at All American Jeep Dodge Chrysler.

SaltDogg Spreaders are highly advanced dispensers that can be outfitted to the bed of a variety of different Super Duty and Heavy Duty pickups as well as commercial dump trucks and low volume UTV vehicles. SaltDogg Spreaders have been engineered with versatility in mind, hence all the options at your disposal.

Most SaltDogg shoppers begin their search with the SHPE2000 Electric Poly Hopper Spreader, which fits entirely in the bed of your truck while providing the largest volume of materials for single rear wheel pickup trucks. But if you want something just for general neighborhood use, the SaltDogg SHPE0750 fits right on the back of a John Deere and will clear out sidewalks with ease.

It’s not enough to just clear heavy pockets of snow out of the way; finish the job every time with a SaltDogg Spreader.

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