Jeep Renegade continues to improve itself with each new generation, offering even more of the qualities that make it one of the market's most popular SUVs. Our All American Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram team members love the Renegade's legendary off-road capabilities, polished profile, and in-cabin amenities. However, Renegade's safety features take the cake.

Collision Warning, Active Braking

The Renegade helps prevent crashes during daily commutes into Tamaqua, PA, or during weekend road trips. Its collision warning feature alerts you to a potential crash even while traveling at full speed. In case driver reflexes prove slower than the unfolding scenario, the Renegade brakes actively: collision averted.

Lane Keep Assist

Unintentional drifting is unfortunate, but it’s a reality. Luckily, the Renegade's Lane Keep Assist senses lane boundaries and vehicle position. Upon detecting unintentional drifting, the Renegade issues an alert and actually helps you correct your course. The feature remains active the entire time you're on the road, ensuring you stay in your lane.

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