The Ram 3500 remains a top-seller among owners who prefer a heavy-duty pickup for work or recreation. The trucks are known for their durability and reliability. But now, Ram offers consumers a choice between three powertrains to get the level of power and performance needed.

The eight-cylinder 6.4-liter Hemi is the standard engine that delivers up to 410 horsepower. Ram 3500 trucks with the V8 also have eight-speed automatic transmissions. The powertrain enables the 3500 to haul up to 18,210 pounds.

The 6.7-liter six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine is another option. The engine achieves up to 370 horsepower and comes with a six-speed automatic transmission. The diesel pulls up to 22,740 pounds. The 6.7-liter high-output turbocharged six-cylinder generates up to 400 horsepower. The vehicles have a 10-speed automatic transmission and easily pull up to 35,100 pounds.


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